Kali Puja and Deepabali 2019


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Guest Artist


A contemporary FOLK FUSION BAND .Bangla Band KAYA started in the year 2002 with an objective to From the very beginning, Their target was to enrich the heritage and culture of Indian folk songs. Starting from Lalan Fakir to Abbasuddin, Nirmalendu chowdhury to Hemanga Biswas, traditional Rajasthani folk songs to Assamese : BIHU; their work of experimentation is really vast. It is because they sincerely believe that, folk songs contain all the elements of life, and its appeal easily engross and involve people , breaking the barriers of caste, creed and nationality. Band Kaya’s music is a magical amalgamation of folk and rock, narrating tales of real life.The USP of the band is its versatility, and melody mixed with a variation of foot tapping rhythm. KAYA’s music is a magical amalgamation of Folk and Fusion – a unique quality that tells a tale of real life with a great listening pleasure.

       - Extracted from Kaya's official site.

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